happy lingfan day! :D

lan fan is easily becoming one of my favorite characters to draw


I found an old sketch of Ed while I was looking through my art folder so I decided to finish it:D Though I changed it quite a lot since I wasn’t satisfied much with the pose I had drawn a long time ago.

that is the correct answer, alchemist. you have beaten truth. take it all.

[comic] Good Luck, Heiderich!



Hello Everyone !

I’m sorry that I wasn’t such a long time, because I was busy at the school.  I hope you aren’t angry.

I promise I will be pictures of the FMA :)


*Sketching this instead of finishing commissions* I can explain 

no, actually i freaking can’t, why does it happen all the time, damn.. I just was having huge-ass daddy!ed feelings so simply had to ‘release’ them ;; and besides how does one draw babies bC I DON’T KNOW??


Headcanon that when Win’s pregnant Ed always sleeps with his hand on her belly instead of his own (◡‿◡✿)

Anyways, wanted to play a little with lightning and colors again, it was pretty quick one tbh, buT I’VE HAD TO COLOR IT TWICE BC I FORGOT TO SAVE AND MY COMP WAS A LITTLE SHIT 


Legend of Korra - Character Heads by SpectacularAna

Haha, I really like this moment in fmab, it is really funny!


Ed braiding Win’s hair (◉‿◉✿) and blushing bc he’s a dork

I got inspired by jazzleberry's latest wonderful EdWin artwork so it finally made me paint a little :’)

Psst it’s transparent and if any of you wanna use it, just let me know cause that’d make me so happy ahhh